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Our Mission is to relieve our clients and partners of the stress and burden
associated with profitably scaling their customer acquisition online.

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About Us

We are a data-driven ad agency with a startup mindset.

We listen, we hustle, and we collaborate to get you results faster, that will last longer.

Here at Amasa, we are on a mission to scale profitable customer acquisition through imagination, innovation, and ingenuity.

In an industry obsessed with short-term gains and vanity metrics, we care about growing your business and turning your customers into loyal fans.

We come to work with a startup mindset, a hunger for innovation, and an internal drive to deliver only the best quality on every project.

Each member of our team is a superstar in their own right, but we check our egos at the door. It’s through our open collaboration, agility, and creativity that we bring to life ideas that land big. We get work done, and we do it exceptionally.

Which means you get better, bigger, faster.

Let’s Work Together

Meet The Team

Alex Brown

Chief Executive Officer


Alex Brown, Amasa’s founder, CEO and our fearless leader

When not spearheading strategic growth and charting the vision for Amasa, he can be found hacking it up at the nearest golf course, BBQing for his wife and 2 sons, or lounging poolside

Jon Biggs

Chief Marketing Officer


When Jon isn’t optimizing and scaling our clients businesses, he can be found playing with his Frenchie, Mambacita. He enjoys working out, playing basketball, and staying active. He loves tropical house and isn’t afraid to leave his favorite songs on repeat for the entire day.

Adam Alvarado

Chief Technology Officer


Adam is brainstorming…😇

Aaron Amerling

VP of Strategy


Aaron is a jack of all trades and master of some. From being a TV writer to inventor to product manager he brings a breadth of experience to everything he does, except golf. He sucks at golf.

Brennan Mack

Director of Operations


Brennan is brainstorming…😇

Benjamin Owen

Search & Native Team Lead


Recovering thrill-seeker, Ben has traded out his parachute for hiking boots and camping gear. His past times include baseball, disc, golf, mountain biking, gardening and of course hitting the trails. Marketing was actually his second career choice after the Blue Man Group informed him that his services were no longer needed!

Maggie Jorgensen

Senior Media Buyer


Maggie is our globetrotter! When she’s not helping scale our amazing clients to the moon, you can find her galavanting the Great Walks of New Zealand with our Barketing Manager, Rooster. A true dynamic duo those two…

Miranda Cranford

Senior Media Buyer


Softball Coach, Home Baker, Dog Mom and Wanna Be Party Planner! When she is not busy scaling her client’s campaigns, you can find Miranda enjoying a margarita by the beach. She enjoys travelling the world seeking out the most beautiful marine life she can find from the beautiful reefs of Belize to the islands of Fiji. On most weekends though you can find her trying out a new brunch spot in San Diego.

Briac Jacques

Media Buyer


Girl-Dad, Semi-Retired Volleyball Player, World Traveler, Ninja Foodi Professional Chef.

When he’s not busy scaling campaigns, you’ll find him enjoying everything beautiful San Diego has to offer with Family & Friends. American by location, but French at heart.

Chris Rohrer

Media Buyer


When Chris is not launching Native ads and analyzing data, you will find him on the Golf course or on the Hockey Rink. Chris is also big Sixers fan who “Trusts The Process”.

John Worman

Jr. Media Buyer


When John isn’t building out Google campaigns, you’ll find him scheming about his next trip. John has backpacked throughout the world, but he will never travel enough. He also loves to ski, scuba dive and listen to electronic music. During a regular weekend, John is content hanging out at the beach with his fiance, friends and a cooler of beer.

Amanda Johnson

Jr. Media Buyer


Amanda is brainstorming…😇

Jae Johnson

Account Executive


Jae is our dedicated sales woman. When she isn’t scouring the internet searching for high growth brands for Amasa to partner with, you can find her running the streets of San Diego, perfecting her air-fried salmon recipe (feel free to ask for it, it’s been perfected) or enjoying an ice cold lemon drop martini. Need someone to grab tacos with while you’re in town? This is your gal.

Samantha Delos Santos

Accounts Coordinator


Sam is an enthusiast of life. Outside of work, you will spot Sam doing random things like recreating a dish from her favorite restaurant, crafting macramé, brewery hopping, designing interior spaces, ranking up in a video game or out serving underserved communities through volunteering and donations.

Sigal Stark

Senior Account Manager


Hailing from the Start Up Nation itself, Israeli-born Sigal has mastered international relocations by doing them three times. Her editorial background and love for efficiency and aesthetically-pleasing spaces brought her to digital marketing. She balances life by making both fitness and wine tasting a priority.

Caroline Ivari

Account Manager


French, winter loving, sushi craving, horror movie fan. With a background in fashion and the arts, this one is also very passionate about strategy and data. While she felt divided between her creative nature and her analytical side, she finally found a home to fusion the two in digital marketing.

Brad Vanderbush

Front-End Developer


Brad is a lover of web UI interactions, and is passionate about his work. When he’s not writing code, you can catch him skating at the skatepark landing the craziest of tricks (or he could be making fun of himself doing so…). Brad is native to Los Angeles but he recently moved down to Carlsbad with his daughter.

Jeremy Kim

Jr. Front-End Developer


Jeremy is brainstorming…😇

Dylan Bruce

Lead Graphic Designer


At the moments he’s not making the most unique creatives you’ll see, you can find Dylan playing video games, enjoying Korean food, or probably rewatching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Fun fact: Dylan is actually an Afatasi, which means Half-Samoan.

Jose Luis Chavez

Graphic Designer


Jose, aka JC, is an aspiring designer, sports enthusiast and a sneaker lover. When he’s out of the office, JC enjoys playing video games or probably winning beer pong tournaments here and there. And last but not the least, JC’s a taco connoisseur so hit him up for them taco recommendations!

Joseph Wang

Senior Copywriter


Joseph is brainstorming…😇

Diana Alexandru

Digital Marketing Agency Intern


Diana is brainstorming…😇

Francisco Healy

Digital Marking Agency Intern


Francisco is brainstorming…😇


Chief Fetch Officer



Head of Purr-suasion



Treat Security Officer



Barketing Manager



Chief Sofa Warmer



Head of Kennelytics



Senior Pawject Manager



Director of Cuddles



VP of Toy Inspection


We Build Your Business The Smart Way

With experts on every platform, we help you effectively reach your customers where they are.

  • Facebook & Instagram

    We have a seasoned team of Facebook media buyers who dedicate their time building out numerous custom ad sets and optimizing campaigns. Our mantra is “test everything” and this includes targeting, placements, formats, etc.

  • Google & Youtube

    Our Google team has over 10 years of experience and stay up to date with the expansive amount of updates that Google rolls out. We expand your brand’s reach across all Google outlets including branded search, non-branded search, Shopping feed, and display.

  • Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo

    If you are looking for additional media sources, we also have extensive expertise in native ad platforms, including Taboola, Outbrain, and Yahoo Gemini. These can be great avenues for other traffic once Facebook and Google campaigns are dialed in.

and many more
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