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There is no shortage of media buying agencies out there.

Unlike other media buying agencies, at Amasa, we believe that the media buying strategy is only 30% of the puzzle. 70% of the user’s decision to buy comes after the click.

In a world of continuous change, the best strategy is an all-inclusive one. From targeted customer research to proven landing page strategies, our team hustles to ensure you capitalize on every click, every impression.

Simply put, we successfully share your business with the world, collecting customers along the way with scalable, cutting-edge strategies, data-driven copy, and customer-focused design. As a true performance marketing agency, we handle the grunt work of bringing you customers, so you have more time to do what you love.

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We know how to achieve rapid growth.

We know breaking through the noise is hard, we are here to help.

We didn’t become one of the fastest-growing ad agencies in the world by chance. We first started by creating an unparalleled culture of doers and makers who care just as much about your success as we do ours.

From media buying to conversion rate optimization to responsive website development, we help you break through the noise and create experiences that entice and convert customers.
Amasa is not just any Facebook ad agency or Google ad agency.

In short, we eat, sleep, and breathe performance marketing so we can continuously keep you and your business on the cutting edge.

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Our Services

Amasa is the ultimate combination of Performance and Creativity.
We deliver the ideal marriage of creative and paid media expertise to maximize brand results.

  • Branding


    We create great branding that increases your company value, inspires your employees, and brings in new customers easier so you can grow at lightning speed.

  • Web Design &


    We combine expert copywriting with responsive user-centric design to increase traffic, boost lead generation, and have your biggest competitors shaking in their boots.

  • Media Buying


    We have a seasoned team of expert media buyers who are always looking for new angles to create and improve your ads. Our mantra is “test, optimize, and test again.”

  • Multi Variant


    We remove the guesswork from conversion rate optimization using a data-driven, meticulous testing approach to ensure your precious traffic is sent to the ideal place.

  • Conversion Rate


    By doing a deep dive analysis of your funnel through our conversion rate optimization services, we increase your offer’s value and improve the user experience to turn visitors into happy buyers.

  • Lead Generation


    From mass torts to local events to B2B campaigns, our media buying team has the background and expertise to grow your high-quality leads.

  • Search Engine


    With our proven SEO strategies, we drive your page rank up, along with your revenue.

  • Creative


    From photography to 3D model rendering to stop motion, our team of artists transcends cookie-cutter creative to give you content sure to entice and engage your ideal customer.

Growing your business is our passion.

Your business is no joke.

Your business is serious, and we take your growth seriously.

You can’t afford to throw money at just any ad agency. You need a data-driven performance marketing agency with a startup mindset, an agency that never stops learning and never stops innovating. You need an expert ad agency that will go above and beyond to ensure YOU get the return you’re looking for.

Imagine this…

You. Feeling relaxed, content, confident. Getting regular progress updates and check-ins.

Us. Huddled together in a synergistic computer vortex until you get the results you want. (Except for the occasional taco break, teams got to eat!)

Let’s Work Together

We Build Your Business The Smart Way

With experts on every platform, we help you effectively reach your customers where they are.

  • Facebook & Instagram

    We have a seasoned team of Facebook media buyers who dedicate their time to building numerous custom ad sets and optimizing campaigns. Our mantra at Amasa is “test everything.” And this includes targeting, placements, formats, and more.

  • Google & Youtube

    Our Google team has over ten years of experience. Our expert team stays on top of every update Google rolls out to ensure you stay updated with the latest and greatest. We expand your brand’s reach across all Google outlets, including branded search, non-branded search, Shopping feed, and display.

  • Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo

    If you are looking for additional media sources, we also have extensive expertise in native ad platforms, including Taboola, Outbrain, and Yahoo Gemini. These can be great avenues to expand traffic once your Facebook and Google campaigns are dialed in.

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